Artisan Contractor
Workers Compensation

This work comp program is designed primarily for small to mid-size Artisan Contractors and GC’s. We will consider additional classes outside of construction which are outlined below in tiers reflecting our success & hit ratios. Please see the complete class code sheet on the right for a full list of targeted classes.

Tier 1
"Love to write"

Artisan Contractors & GC’s ($3,000 - $50,000 in annual premium is our sweet spot)

Tier 2
Let us take a look"

Building Operations & Janitorial

Tier 3
We have a handful of these"


Insurance Company

AM Best A XI rated (Excellent)

Lines of coverage

Workers Compensation

A few highlights from our program

  • Absolutely NO broker fees
  • 100% in-house underwriting authority
  • Underwriter has authority to choose insurance company paper based on risk & exposure
  • Quick turnaround on quoting/binding and policy issuance
  • Monthly Reporting available for risks > $25K in annual premium
  • Blanket waivers


Claims Handling

Claims are managed by York Risk Services Group

Ineligible Exposures

  • Height exposures over 2 stories
  • Below grade exposures below 4’
  • Sub costs over 25% - NOTE FOR GC’S
  • Building demolition, wrecking, shoring and underpinning
  • Window washing above ground level
  • Asbestos and Mold remediation
  • Group transportation (3 or more employees)
  • Tree-trimming

To request Loss Runs:

To request Policies/Endorsements:

Available States


Agents & Brokers

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Submissions Include:

  • Complete Acord Application 125 & 130
  • Tangram WC Supplemental
  • 4 years currently value loss runs
  • Insured’s website address
Please send to

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Keith Doan
Business Development
Midwest & Southwest

Brendan Dolan
Vice President Sales

Trent Maner
Business Development Manager

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