The Bodega Insurance Program is a member owned group program that allows business owners to take control of their insurance process and ultimately, their financial destiny. This insurance program is by invitation only as we look for top best in class businesses, whose leaders want to actively engage in managing safety for their firms and employees and outperforming industry peers.


  • Participate in premium savings, instead of giving up those savings to the insurance companies
  • Benefit from investment income on funds held
  • Exit the unpredictable standard insurance market where the best businesses subsidize the worst
  • Develop a stronger safety culture through members’ sharing practices and gaining access to better risk management resources
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of other like-minded business owners who are the best in their industry


  • Have a favorable loss history
  • Are privately owned, entrepreneurial structure
  • Are financially strong and stable
  • Have an appreciation for long term business partnerships
  • Are currently paying annual premiums in excess of $150,000 (workers compensation) or $200,000 for their combined Automobile, Commercial Liability and Workers Compensation policies


If you are ready to take control of your insurance, the way you take control of your business, this is the right place.  Tangram Insurance Services has decades of experience in managing group captives.  Give us the opportunity to show you a better way forward. 

The Bodega Insurance Program is available exclusively through Tangram Insurance Services, Inc. 


For more information, please call or email us today:

John Shea

Rekha Schipper

Program Description Disclaimer: This Bodega Insurance Group Program Description is neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities or any interest whatsoever in the legal entities which may deliver or provide access to any insurance benefits of the program. Offers of ownership are made only through documents, agreements and other descriptive materials made available to potential investors who meet certain financial and insurance underwriting requirements, and who demonstrate interest in becoming owner/insureds in the Bodega Insurance Group Captive Program. Documentation and other disclosures relevant to such potential ownership are only available through the program’s off shore captive manage who will, upon request , communicate directly and confidentially with prospective investors.